Care Provider Support Group


Amidst the larger political struggles, stressors, and fears, we know you are working hard to support your clients.  We may feel exhausted, numb, or like we can never do enough. These and other symptoms, affect us collectively. Let's meet these challenges together. 

Please join us in a supportive, non-judgmental space where we can come together, share what is up for us, and be there for each other. Each month’s group will include a theme to guide us, space for each person to be heard, and time to receive feedback and support. 

April's theme: Change, Transitions, and Grief within the therapeutic dynamic

Change and transition are inevitable in therapeutic relationships. Just as natural as the cycle of life and death. Yet, as providers, it can be tough to process our own feelings and experiences in times of change and transition with clients. How much do we share with clients (of our feelings, life happenings, and needs)? How do we honor our grief when we are holing space for clients' various experiences? Weather you're experiencing acute change, or just dealing with the ever-changing world, feel free to come check out MHPU!'s Provider Support Group this month.

Volunteer facilitator: Sarah Wolfarth, LMFT; & Karen Hixson, PhD LPC


2018 Community Care Group

Are you an organizer of rally's and marches? Maybe you show up in the streets with signs of resistance.  Perhaps you've been an activist for years and you have recently found yourself back on the frontlines witnessing and experiencing aggressive and violent police tactics?  Maybe you're overwhelmed with the rapid news cycle and feeling paralyzed by grief and anger? Our current social, political and environmental climate is a recipe for trauma. If we are to resist and courageously unite against fascism in order to protect the most at-risk among us, we must understand how our work affects us.  The depth, scope, and causes are different for everyone, but the fact that we are affected by the suffering of others and of our planet- that we have a trauma exposure response- is universal.  We are in this work together, all of us.  Please join us for a monthly community support group to process and respond to these urgent human and environmental conditions  in a sustainable and intentional way.